Have you been arrested for a crime or sued for divorce or Child Custody?  It’s a bad day for you and it could get worse.  You will be entering a world that may be foreign to you-the court system.  You will be pitted against lawyers who know how to succeed in that environment.  You need an experienced Lawyer on your side to level the playing field.  WILLIAM W. GOODEN is that lawyer.

Driver's License Issues


Even if your driver’s license has been suspended for life, I may be able to get you back on the road legally.



In many cases I am able to get a prior criminal conviction expunged. This would keep the record from a potential employer and would restore your civil rights.

Domestic Relations


Going through a divorce or child custody proceeding can be very emotional. You will need experienced counsel to help you make good decisions.

Trusted, Experienced, Dependable

For Over 40 years, WILLIAM W. GOODEN, has represented people in the courts throughout Southwest Indiana, particularly in Posey, Vanderburgh, Gibson and Warrick Counties.  Let WILLIAM W. GOODEN put his forty years of experience to work for you.

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We are located at 307 Main Street in downtown Mount Vernon, directly across from the historic Posey County Court House. If you need further directions to us, please call us at (812) 838-6331.